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Minné Musical School

Juan Amadeo

Minné Musical School

Juan Amadeo

! The music of the Love Minne will return the original archetype of the good man!

Juan Amadeo’s musical school aims to restore the original archetype of man. Man is good by nature. Life in universal, joyful and peaceful brotherhood is possible when the heavenly music rings in hearts. Not so much a new school, but rather a reconstruction of the lost icon. Each interpretation functions as a sculpture workshop for a new being. The concept put into the work directs the interpretation towards the spheres that have been forgotten and where only music can access; towards the divine inner castles. What is the ultimate goal of music? To comfort, to bring joy, to make us better people? Yes, these values are important, but only in the mundane order, the music of Minné reveals the divine dimensions that every soul yearns to know on earth.

My interpretation is a conversation with the listeners. Music is the hidden language of Minné that goes from one heart to another and, when perceived in the deepest, the soul responds and opens.

Juan Amadeo

Musical projects and activities
Innovative School of Musical Interpretation

The new way of interpreting music helps to discover the original message of the composers and introduces them into previously unknown spheres. First the music is heard internally, then the main concept – the message is revealed, and finally the work is performed. A transcendental school of interpretation with the aim of healing the person, making him kinder, purer, more beautiful, more sublime.

Project «Mozart Teogamentum»

Juan Amadeo’s work “Mozart Theogamntum ”In 13 parts for soloists, choir and orchestra is a chamber composition, an oratorio dedicated to the clear memory of the millions of martyrs of the GULAG (concentration camp), of hunger, world wars and military conflicts.

Books on the musicology of the Minnesingueres

Two volumes of inspired reflections on the compositions of the great classics (Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, etc.) have been edited, as well as the musical and spiritual foundations of them and other minnecantores and poets.

Collaboration with other musicians and projects

Musical collaborations are carried out with other artists, musical groups and orchestras. The true symphony is the union of hearts.



The Musicology of Love

The musicology of Minné is the musical science of high love. Its vibrations comfort, give healing, grant peace and lift the spirit. This elevated (minimal) love built the intrinsic spiritual values, the divine principles, under which good civilizations and peoples always lived, where the only end was worship and service to others.

The school of the minnesangs (the singers to high love), brought such vibrations into the world. Although the historical movement of the bards and troubadours was located between the s. XII and XIV, the musicological phenomenon of Minné did not end in the Middle Ages, but resurfaced in the person of the great Viennese musicians: Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven, being imprinted in their compositions, works and thought. After the disappearance of these three great musical lamps and due to the emphasis on ‘technical’ virtuosity, Minné’s musicology was relegated to oblivion.

    Musical collaborations.

    What does goodness sound like in the musical spheres?

    Juan Amadeo (Blüthner 210), Teo Leónov (Petrof 131), Armen Antonian, José Alberto Scott (cello)

    Beethoven. Symphony No. 6 2nd Mov. «Scene by the stream» – Ensemble version

    Paul de Senneville «Lettre à ma mère! Juan Amadeo with Dobrosviet Divinodiev and Armen Antonian

    The concept of our interpretation is the minimal nostalgia that unites the ‘I’ and the ‘You’. It is a great nostalgia. No, not for the country or for a person, but nostalgia for M inn é, eternal love. Only then will the authentic ensemble sound, that is, two will become one.

    Tchaikovsky. Nocturno (Op.19 nº 4) – Juan Amadeo and Armen Antonian

    Archetypal music is worldwide. It transmits the most sublime omnihuman experiences: the great longing of man for the perfect ideal, which may seem unrealizable in the present, but which will undoubtedly reach Earth. In this music there is great faith deposited: not that of those who believe in mythological fables, but the faith in the triumph of the Light, in the victory of the forces of good over evil!


    Bach / Marcello. Adagio – Juan Amadeo with Armen Antonian and Tigran Maytesian

    The minnesingers, when asked: «Why do you resort to the language of music, your preaching being so high?», They answered: «We have known love that cannot be expressed in words, since it does not exist on Earth.

    Beethoven. Triple concert, 2nd and 3rd. Mov. – Juan Amadeo

    The Triple Concerto (for piano, violin, cello and orchestra) are the three voices of Man. It is not a concert for concert halls, but for the men of all the Earth. Beethoven is a great genius of humanity. He does not simply write music, but listens to that different civilization that has preserved his life.

    Mozart. Lacrimosa (Requiem) / 4 hands piano: Juan Amadeo & Bratislav Beltsev

    Tears really do come out… Here everything is tears Here everything is tears! All the ‘Lacrimosa’ means that he has painted tears directly into music! It’s cool, huh? It should be played like this to make people cry.


    Haydn. Symphony No. 101 1st Mov. – Juan Amadeo with Sergei Kudrinetckiy

    The concept of interpretation: the overcoming love, goodness, wisdom, purity, peace, mercy, harmony and beauty. The golden octuplicity, being at the foundation of the Univérsum in general, must be adequately and phenomenally performed in music.


    Reviews and opinions at national and international level

    Music is destined to unite the hearts of good people.

    How important it is to support, precisely at this moment, the lamp that is actually making a spiritual revolution in world culture!

    We call on the general public, high government officials, men of culture and art to provide all kinds of help to Juan de San Graial in his peaceful struggle; that support his good and very high initiative for the return of the lost musical archetype of the bogomila music of the people

    Oleg Lebedév (Moscow), writer, philosopher.

    Music is the language of the univérsum, that is why it is linked to eternal life and birth. It can give birth, shape and satisfy: give everything it takes to live!


    It is not by chance that at Father Juan’s school the topic of the World Repository is important. After the transfer to the other world, the souls are not able to hear human speech. With no human language can they be consoled …

    Paísi Krasnov (Co-founder of the Minnesang school of Juan Amadeo. Poet, Philosopher and Physiotherapist.)

    In the music of Minné, a new form of expression of the work is presented, with the aim of showing the pure harmonic sound of the newest Blüthner , (including the advantage of the extra rope Aliquot ) along with the timpani “accompaniment” of sounds and new combinations of traditional instruments contributed by the Roland Orchestra. We have at our disposal sound libraries (examples of the best acoustic instruments in the world recorded in the best and famous rooms) that we treat especially to adjust them to the tasks and demands of the new music school. This new rich range of coats and concepts contributed make up the practice of creating and modeling an ideal « Theocivilization orchestra ”. This comes to be perceived by some professionals as something very new, “something that did not yet exist” in modern culture, a new perspective and a creative challenge to the consumerist treatment of music, culture and life. In this sense, each one of the collaborators and listeners matters, becoming during the performances a providential interlocutor and recipient.

    Teo Leonov (Student of Juan Amadeo. Musicologist Orchestra conductor and Translator)

    Juan Amadeo, you manage to open wide certain windows, or rather new doors for my future spiritual improvement, to be able to serve in a more fruitful and authentic way, people and sublime ideals, through the great art of music .

    Professor Atanas Kurtev. Member of the Bulgarian National Academy, President of the Bulgarian Musical Society 'Fréderic Chopin'

    Juan Amadeo sees and hears in music the genuine human world, which does not occur in the tuning fork from the feet to the head of the person, but from the head to the sky.

    The main thing in a musician is to be continually seer of the interior, keeping your eyes open!

    This is what Juan Amadeo achieves.

    Liana Isakadze. People's Artist of Georgia and the USSR. Student of David Oistrakh. Artistic director of international festivals. Founder of the ensemble "Virtuosi of Facebook"

    A great person, musician, philosopher of life, concerned about others and a holy man! It has been an honor to meet you. I will never forget his friendship towards me and the Armenian people.

    Armen Antonian. Cello soloist, chamber musician, teacher, conductor, laureate of international awards, participant in the project 'Voices for peace' (Madrid)

    Juan’s piano school is absolutely phenomenal: his unprecedented musicological practice that relays the music of the supercelestial spheres, is the original mystical musical school of ancient Hyperborea, revitalized and restored!

    It is not an interpretation (as is usually taught in the traditions and stereotypes of the conservatory), but an act of giving birth: precisely the delivery (!), Each time, of an incomparable new music by Minné …

    Sofrony Smilteks (Coordinator of the musical project% 22Musica por la paz% 22 of the Cantores de Minné ensemble)

    Juan Amadeo, you are a person of shocking depth, who opens to humanity the mysteries of the most hidden thing in our world: music. Your music transcends time and you yourself are a different person among us, one who brings light and love. As Hippocrates said «life is short but art is eternal». His art will live on forever, and with it, his name.

    Gheorgue Mustea. Specialist in musical arts. Member of the Moldavian Academy of Sciences. Principal conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of Radio and Television of Moldova.

    The idea is very close to me that at the beginning of everything that exists, divine love and ‘all-encompassing’ stood out precisely, Minné!

    Minné was the Music that contained everything.

    Minné love encompasses all spheres of our existence, showing both our limits and the potential possibilities of man.

    These possibilities grant wings! In a different way, from another point of view, you look at both the interpretation and the creativity of the composers and everything that we perceive in the sphere of art and not just art …

    Yevgueni Levasheov Moscow (Doctor, Professor in Art History)

    In each sentence there is enormous content. Each phrase is full, it is the possibility of speaking the truth in music! An astonishing depth of meaning and sparkling character. What happiness that in our times there are still such people! I listen and cannot believe that a person of spiritual habit can play in such a way. In the background there is an immense and superhuman work.

    Yuri Loyevsky. People's Artist of the USSR, first cellist of the orchestra conducted by V. Spivakov

    The piano for Juan Amadeo is the instrument of knowledge of everything that sounds; the instrument in which the entire cosmos of music fits, treated as unusual as the same piano sound produced by this pianist, unique in its genre, is unusual.

    Vsevolod Zaderatski. Professor at the Moscow Tchaikovskiy Conservatory. Vice President of the Union of Composers of Russia.

    It seems that they are only very talented musicians with whom Juan Amadeo maintains his conversation-confession; however, his deep thoughts and insights are quite accessible to people in other spheres of knowledge as well. The author as is confirms: ‘If we put the supreme love as a basis, the manifestation of genius will be possible in any field of human activity’.

    Petro Shvets (Kiev), Associate Professor of the College of the University of Contemporary Sciences, member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine.

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